Mercedes AMG GT-R Coupe

Mercedes AMG GT-R Coupe
Mercedes AMG GT-R Coupe
Mercedes AMG GT-R Coupe
Mercedes AMG GT-R Coupe
Mercedes AMG GT-R Coupe
Mercedes AMG GT-R Coupe
Mercedes AMG GT-R Coupe
Mercedes AMG GT-R Coupe
Mercedes AMG GT-R Coupe
Mercedes AMG GT-R Coupe
Mercedes AMG GT-R Coupe
Mercedes AMG GT-R Coupe


Our Mercedes AMG GT-R rental car was designed to make heads turn, and it does! By adding the ‘R' the car transforms in to an altogether different and even more alluring item of automotive beauty and engineering excellence.

Originally designed as a stripped out track car the AMG GT-R is pushed to another level by keeping all the usual high-end refinement and passenger comforts expected from high end Mercedes sports cars. This hire car’s beauty is derived from the redesigned front nose which pays homage to the beautiful 1950's Gullwing and the cars ingenious smooth flowing styling constructs a well-proportioned and very attractive looking rental car.

The GT-R's front and rear wings have been increased in width to include an increased track and wider wheels. Weight has been reduced by the introduction of carbon fibre, fibreglass and lightweight alloys, and power has been increased through considerable engine upgrades providing 74 more horse power and now producing a staggering 557bhp.

The ‘R' also benefits from the addition of new automatic aerodynamic aids which include some beneath the car. It sits lower with the aid of driver adjustable suspension. All this combined results in impressive acceleration stats, straight line speed, stability and dynamic cornering ability, making any rental a dream car hire. The impressive performance statistics were highlighted when the GTR was recorded at Nuburgring with an astonishing 7 minutes 10 seconds which set a new record for rear-wheel drive cars.

Put your foot on the pedal and you’ll be rewarded with a throaty growl! The exhaust output is incredible; the indomitable V8 explodes, blasts and reverberates.

Although Mercedes are world champions in Formula 1, the race car pedigree of our AMG GT-R does not compromise the car being a comfortable town rental car. Ideal for everyday use, this is a truly enjoyable grand tourer.
This exceptional rental sports car can be hired in the UK from Signature Car Hire. Simply call us on 0207 118 2244 today.

The Mercedes AMG GT-R:
The AMG GT-R has been created according to the AMG adage 'Handcrafted by Racers'. This supercar looks powerful, yet elegant with riotous performance available for your car hire experience, so much innovation and race know-how with technical maturity all of which has come from the 'green hell' that is Germany's infamous Nürburgring circuit.

It took two years to perfect the automatic underbody. If this patented technological innovation hadn't been incorporated then the massive race-style front air splitter would need aerodynamics to achieve the same downforces.

  • POWER (BHP): 585
  • 0-60 TIME: 3.6
  • TOP SPEED: 198
  • TORQUE: 700 NM

Excellence as standard....that’s our Marque of Distinction

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